Measure Your Impact

Compare frameworks and practical tools for measuring the social impact of your company, organization or initiative

Making sense of data is critical to improving the impact you seek to make. In this resource, you'll learn how to articulate short-term outcomes and long-term goals, and connect them to quantifiable metrics that support your business decisions. The materials in this resource were developed in partnership with 60 Decibels, who pioneered the Lean Data approach. Lean Data is an approach to impact measurement that involves two main elements:

  1. A shift in mindset away from reporting and compliance, toward creating value for a company and its customers.
  2. The use of methods and technologies for data collection that emphasize efficiency and rapid response while still achieving a sufficient degree of rigor.

But how do you know what data to collect? This resource will also help you define your customer promise and theory of change, which are foundational to creating the impact measurement framework that works for your enterprise.

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