Prototype Your Idea

Create a minimum viable product for the customers you want to serve using a human-centered design and Lean Startup approach

This resource package builds on the concepts covered in the previous resource package: "Understand Your Customers." In this resource package, you'll learn how to prototype products, services, platforms, and programs effectively and efficiently using two design approaches: human-centered design and Lean Startup.

Human-centered design (HCD) is a creative approach to problem solving pioneered by the design firm IDEO. In the previous resource package, you learned about the Inspiration phase of HCD, in which you learn directly from the people you're designing for. In this resource package, we'll explore the Ideation phase of HCD, where you'll make sense of what you heard from customers, identify opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions.

Lean Startup applies innovation methods from Silicon Valley to social issues. In the previous resource package, you learned about the importance of determining the value you're creating for customers by "getting out of the building" and talking to those you want to serve. In this resource package, you'll learn how to create a minimum viable product so that you can translate your customer value hypotheses into a product that people can interact with and that you can learn from.

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