Build a Sustainable Business Model

Explore different business models for social impact and learn how to create a financial model that also accounts for social impact

Through this resource package, you'll learn how to build a business model for social impact and create a financial model to make sure your business can be sustainable.

Acumen partnered with the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, home of the Global Social Benefit Institution (GSBI), to create the materials in the first section of this resource package. The materials build on concepts pioneered by Steve Blank in How to Build a Startup, Alex Osterwalder of Strategyzer, and the team behind the Business Model Zoo. Through this resource package, you'll learn about the creative approaches and critical success factors social entrepreneurs use to structure companies that create social impact while generating value for customers and investors.

In the second section of this resource package, we'll share materials to help you build a financial model for social impact. You’ll learn how nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs and social change leaders can use financial modeling and creative approaches to market-based funding to scale their work. You’ll get access to templates and instructions so that even beginners to finance can begin to calculate their funding requirements and project future growth.

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